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Turquoise Farm

Want genuine natural turquoise ? We are a small company, dedicated to provide you with natural high quality turquoise. Most of the turquoise we sell
was mined over 40 years ago and has not been offered for sale until now. We have many rare stones from several turquoise mines in

Nevada and Arizona. Looking to share our passion for 'Natural'
Turquoise with you, we hope you enjoy our site, and we look forward to doing business with you.

The details:
In the early 1970's my dad, Michael Brown, was a silversmith in Las Vegas Nevada. Turquoise was booming and he did custom work for several jewelry stores and hotels that were selling large quantities of turquoise jewelry as well as providing a buying service for them to prevent them from buying "Junk" jewelry from the many traders plying the trade at that time. After supplying the local stores for a couple of years he opened his own store called "The Turquoise Mine" at 5719 Boulder Highway in East Las Vegas. During that time he had been making turquoise buying trips to northern Nevada and Kingman Arizona and had met several miners and began purchasing mine run material to process at his shop in Las Vegas. Dealing in turquoise and turquoise jewelry in the 1970's was sometimes risky business and a whole lot the characters involved were less than trustworthy (being nice) and some were outright crooks and thieves (and still are). It was a cash business and let the buyer beware !
Since turquoise was booming he did not purchase much from the larger mines as they were getting top dollar for their high grade, instead he was buying from some of the smaller, one or two man operations that were easier for him to deal with and get better prices.
One of these was near the Cortez gold mine in Crescent Valley Nevada. The owner was a friend of the family and had no idea there was turquoise on his property, he had filed the claim near the boundary of the gold mine hoping they would buy him out (a common practice for locals). One day a geologist from the mine was on his claim looking around (a good thing he hoped), the geologist turned out to be a German and was very familiar with turquoise and its associated minerals. He informed the owner that it was very likely he had a turquoise deposit on his land and proceeded to show him some the formations (variscite float) that led him to that conclusion. To make a long story short there was indeed turquoise just under the surface and my dad was able to purchase most of the high grade over the next two years. This was a typical "hat" mine and there was never a large quantity of material removed. The owner called the deposit the "Blue Spider" mine and it did produce some very high grade spider web material and sea foam nuggets. Most all the rough was in the form of nuggets with some hard rock/seam material as well. " For more on the Blue Spider Mine Click Here."
My dad stockpiled rough from this mine and a number of others in this area, and around Carlin, Mina and Austin Nevada, where he lived for a few years in the 1980s. After selling his store in Las Vegas, he kept quantities of cut turquoise and rough and that is how we have started this business. My dad and I are (slowly) releasing turquoise that has not been seen in 30 to 40 years and some that has never been seen before. A lot of the finished stones were originally cut in the 1970s (mine cut) and he is in the process of re-polishing and in some cases re-cutting several thousand cabs. We may (occasionally) offer to sell some of his personal stash of cut stones and specimens.

My dad worked for a copper mine in White Pine County Nevada from 2004 to 2011. Always suspecting that turquoise should be present in the area, but after over 45 years of looking for turquoise in this area all that had been found were only secondary copper minerals, until 2009. While at a job site he left the mine property and found traces of turquoise in an old mine dump and was able to recover a small quantity from the dump and surrounding area before the area was closed off and mined over. There is no mine name so he has just called it "White Pine". Anyone interested can contact him for more information. He is retired now, operating this web site, silver smithing, cutting and polishing turquoise, most mined a long time ago and still prospecting for (and finding) new turquoise and gold deposits.

Raina Brown Page

So, if you desire natural turquoise with a provenance, from it's source, look no further. There are many purveyors of turquoise out there, most with little or no idea of what they have, much less were it came from, when or where it was mined, when and where it was cut, if it is indeed natural or altered (treated), hell most of them don't even know if what they are selling is turquoise or not, sound familiar ? The turquoise business has not changed much in the last 50 odd years, you still need to be very careful who you buy your turquoise from.

Michael Brown...